Hunting came to an abrupt halt in Africa. This was all due to the Covid-19 virus and up to now, we could not figure a way to put food on needy peoples’ tables. Now we need more than ever to show that hunters care!

Most probably you and I reading this letter today, woke up and had something to eat and drink for breakfast. We also know that yet again, there will be food on the table for a 2nd or maybe even a 3rd meal before we go to bed tonight… most probably you and I never went to sleep on an empty stomach…but sadly, not everyone around us can say the same. Today we have some of our own people around us that woke up hungry, not knowing when or where the next meal will be coming from… These are the people that are usually missed out on government hand-outs, grants or resources. These are the men, women and kids that go hungry each day…not always finding food to scavenge from the refuge bags to still their empty stomach.

These are the people that we at PHASA had in mind when we launched this HUNTERS CARE for HUNGER PROJECT. Through The PHASA Foundation we are raising funds to help our less fortunate families throughout South Africa. The PHASA FOUNDATION will be focusing on handing out essential food-parcels to those communities close or inside our towns that developed due to loss of jobs and the aftermaths of the Covid-19 virus. This will be a non-racial effort where all needy families with no government support, will be helped. The relief-parcels will be delivered country-wide by our provincial representatives. At the same time THE PHASA FOUNDATION representatives and volunteers will also be handing out used blankets and clothes collected from donors throughout the country.

Please open your heart and pledge any amount to still the hunger of these families… because HUNTERS CARE.

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PHASA Foundation

The Professional Hunters’ Association of South Africa (PHASA) takes it social responsibility seriously. In 2003, PHASA established the PHASA Conservation Fund. Initially, the aim of the Fund was to promote and directly fund worthy conservation projects. In 2005, the Fund extended its mandate, and its name was changed to the PHASA Conservation and Empowerment Fund and in 2019 to the PHASA Foundation. Read more about our history


We thank all those who have contributed to the Foundation and anyone wanting to contribute to the Foundation can do so.


All donors, potential donors and “Friends of PHASA” seeking any information relating to the Foundation such as annual reports, requests to be added to the newsletter mailing list or where to drop off any material donations for the Foundation.


Our projects are constantly being updated with wish-lists varying from hard cash, food, building materials, clothing, linen, toiletries, etc. Remember that second hand goods that may be one person’s junk is another person’s treasure, we will find a useful home.

Note: All donations received can be earmarked by the donor to benefit any of the projects supported by the Foundation.


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